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The Superior Restaurant Group will improve operational efficiency and resilience while reducing its environmental footprint by replacing all HVAC equipment, new LED lighting and cooling controls, the fast food restaurant owner says.

The company uses an energy management solution from Budderfly which enables the Superior Restaurant Group to remove old units without upfront costs and replace them with more efficient models. Budderfly invests its own money to improve its customers’ energy operations; The Energy-as-a-Service model also includes monitoring and maintenance.

Improving operational performance

The Superior Restaurant Group recently acquired 26 Wendy’s restaurants. Shortly after the purchase, the owners discovered that the thermostats at the locations were constantly set too low, which caused moisture to build up on the floors and ceilings. This, in turn, created maintenance issues in the stores and possibly on the roof units themselves.

In addition to the HVAC problems, many store lights needed significant upgrades to improve the restaurant’s aesthetics for both customers and employees, and the lights were not energy efficient or properly controlled, the company said.

Financially more resilient

Budderfly’s advanced energy management solution enables the Wendy’s franchise to financially and operationally more efficient and resilient, freeing up resources for growth and reducing CO2 emissions at the same time.

The restaurant group will now be able to track actual power consumption in real time, identify energy waste, monitor the operational status of the equipment and optimize power consumption to maximize operational savings.

In total, the Superior Restaurant Group will replace 32 complete HVAC roof systems, while all of the lighting will be converted to efficient LED lights.

Budderfly was recently named a “challenger” in the Energy-as-a-Service space in a Guidehouse Insights review. Ameresco, Enel X and Engie have been named market leaders in this field. As companies in the commercial and industrial sectors increasingly prioritize sustainability, these companies are best positioned to meet customer needs for technology expertise and advisory services, says Guidehouse Insights.

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