Irvine, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Bluon, Inc., a fast growing company aiming to increase the capacity, performance, and GMV of the HVAC-R industry by empowering its technicians, has received top software innovation award ahead of AHR Expo 2022. The expo is the premier event for the HVAC-R industry and the award is sponsored by ASHRAE and AHRI, the global standards for HVAC-R.

Bluon’s support platform is a revolutionary mobile app that makes HVAC technicians in the field more effective, efficient and capable. Its members get access to 24/7 live support, just-in-time training, tools, a powerful database of over 45,000 unique HVAC-R models, and soon a way to connect directly to their local dealers to make informed purchases.

“Bluon is more than a mobile app, it is more than a support platform,” said Peter Capuciati, Chairman and CEO of Bluon. “Bluon consists of 70,000 HVAC-R technicians, soon 150,000 or half of the industry, who are supported and networked like never before. Bluon is the first scalable solution that actually helps to minimize the skills shortage that continues to plague the HVAC-R industry. ”

The Bluon support platform, on which more than 70,000 HVAC-R members depend every day, is to become the first brand and supplier-independent marketplace for HVAC-R. With a mission largely based on empowering HVAC technicians, Bluon seeks to improve and grow the local relationships between local technicians and their local dealers.

“Bluon has cemented its position as an innovator in the HVAC market by creating the first mobile app and software solution that technicians are adopting on a large scale,” said Capuciati. “This award makes it clear to the industry that Bluon has now fully developed into the largest, brand-independent mobile app and software platform in the HVAC-R sector.”

the AHR exhibition takes place from January 31st to February 2nd in Las Vegas. Manufacturers of all sizes and areas of expertise will come together to share ideas and showcase the future of HVAC-R technology. Bluon will be there at booth C6617.

About Bluon

Bluon recognizes that HVAC-R technologies are the heart and soul of the industry and the ultimate drivers of its efficiency and innovation. Bluon’s support platform is a revolutionary mobile app that provides HVAC-R technicians in the field with tools, training and technical support around the clock. Bluon is the first mobile app platform that aggregates detailed technical information on more than 45,000 unique HVAC models and further gives technicians the information they need to be effective and competent at work. With more than 150,000 downloads, 70,000 integrated technicians (growing by 6,500 each month) and hundreds of distributors already on the Bluon network, Bluon has grown to be the largest and fastest growing support platform and community in HVAC-R. Driven by member feedback, Bluon will revolutionize the way technicians and their local dealers interact so that both parties can do more with less. You can find more information about Bluon at

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